Professional Bio:

I am an educator with over 12 years of experience in course and curricula design. I am also a digital content producer, and I have worked professionally as a video producer for an educational production company, a videographer, a video editor, a special effects animator, and a photographer.

My films, videos, and animations have won numerous awards and have collectively garnered 75 screenings in festivals, galleries, theaters, and universities. International screenings of my work include: Canada, Germany, Italy, Costa Rica, Columbia, New Zealand, and Australia.

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Artist Statement:

I started my artistic journey as an experimental animator, and I have always enjoyed employing experimental techniques or processes into my work. It is interesting that my talents in film grew from my interest in photography, and since graduating I have found myself drawn again towards photography and the un-manipulated image.

I am very energetic and artistically prolific; other projects I’m currently working on include a dimensional glass sculpture, a motion-abstraction photographic series, digital deconstruction/reconstruction of media (Glitch Art), and a feature length narrative screenplay I hope to someday direct.

I have professionally exhibited film, sculpture, and photography, but I find difficulty in classifying myself as a particular kind of artist as my work spans genres, technical styles, and physical manifestation. My experimental nature leads some of my work more towards abstraction and improvisation, my traditional photography background leads me towards straight photography and documentary, and my youth as a carpenter’s assistant leads me towards designing sculpture and artistic furniture.

Regardless of the artistic media or genre I create in, all of my art shares the same motivation. In the past, my artistic goals included being exhibited and collected in galleries and museums, but now I just want to make art to enrich and challenge people. Art can inspire, awe, shock, enrage, sadden, and calm. Art influences people, tells them stories, and imparts experiences or emotions. I think it is a wonderful reward to be allowed into audiences’ minds, and I enjoy communicating thoughts and experiences to them.


Technical Abilities:

I have a science and engineering background, with a Bachelors of Science degree in Applied Sciences: Multidisciplinary Studies. I am well versed with many software tools and techniques.

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